About Us

Ewin Games is a blockchain game studio. Our team performs in a deep-diving approach, thinking through every project detail, from particular character images to specific smart contract functions. We believe that there can be no unimportant trifles in game projects since even a tiny detail can affect the player's impression, which we really care for.

We create games where users will not only triumph in their victories but also enjoy our engaging game mechanics, beautiful art and animations, and musical accompaniment.

  • Pre-production analysis
  • Game concepts & GDD
  • Game balance
  • Product testing
  • 3D modeling
  • 2D & 3D art
  • UI/UX
  • Animations
  • Smart contracts
  • Security check
  • Blockchain part's architecture
  • Blockchain integration in Web apps

Our vision

We believe the future of gaming is Web3. Millions of gamers around the world spend thousands of hours on their favorite games, but have no influence over them and don't own the assets they buy. Web3 allows us to rectify this injustice and give gamers much more freedom, influence, and fun. By holding a game asset in their personal wallet, a player can not only use it in the game, but also go beyond the boundaries of the project - sell, gift, or keep it as a collectible item, without worrying about the functionality of the company's servers. This completely changes the industry and the relationship between the gamer and the company.

Another important factor in the Web3 sphere is community power. Tools like decentralization and DAO allow each community member to feel and be an important part of the project. In many Web3 projects, the community has the opportunity to influence their development and participate in decision-making. Thanks to proof of ownership, the voice of each individual player can be heard, and the community as a whole can set the course for the project's development. Whereas previously the success of gaming companies and individual games largely depended on venture capital investments, now it is the community that can take a beloved project to the next level.

We are convinced that Web3 gaming is just beginning to pick up steam. One of the main problems for all such companies was a focus on economic models and a lack of focus on the quality of the games themselves. Detailed art object design, captivating gameplay, high-quality animations and sounds, interesting lore, and unique mechanics - all of this describes traditional gaming, not Web3 as it is now. Our goal is to change this and make focus on what is most important for any player in every project. Build a new gaming world with us!

Light Towers
pioneer web3 point-and-click
quest game
Light Towers is a quest based on traditional mechanics of the genre: searching for items to interact with and solving puzzles to move on. Fascinating riddles, intriguing storyline, and absorbing atmosphere of the game world are waiting both for genre enthusiasts and for anybody who only plays quests for the first time.
Ancient Gods
Ancient Gods is a collectible card game with a fantastic art style, epic lore, and addictive gameplay. Countless gods from different pantheons worshiped by ancient civilizations will be presented as digital assets with different unique abilities and characteristics.
Old 80’s
Old 80’s is a collection of NFT polaroids from the 80’s with enjoyable lore, authentic style, and unique look. We focused on fashion, tastes and things from the 80s, as well as created a cartoon series about the collection's character to immerse you in his story.


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Ewin Games on OffChain Global Lisbon🇵🇹

We held another fantastic event. This time in Lisbon 🇵🇹


Ewin Games on MetaVerse Summit in Paris!

Our first event. In amazing Paris!



We are an international team of specialists in different fields. Ewin Games not only provides jobs but also cares about each employee. Our team includes game designers, artists, animators, blockchain developers, managers, and specialists in many other fields.
Yevhen Oliinyk Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, Global Strategist, Product Visionary, Crypto Enthusiast, Trader, NFT collector

Aliaksandr Sazonenka Co-Founder & CVO

Entrepreneur, Strategist, Market & competitor analyst, Gamer, NFT collector, Crypto Enthusiast.

Volodymyr Minzhosa CFO

Finance, Cyprus Company Director

Viktor Storozhuk Delivery Manager

Lore Director, General Manager UA office, Team Lead, Art Visionary

Christophe Avignon Senior Marketing Lead

Senior Marketing Lead
Marketing, growth, strategy, Degen, NFT collector.

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