E-winGames crew visited an impressive NFCsummit

We want to say thanks for this fantastic event with such a good organization! A lot of cool people, new acquaintances. Exciting speakers who were interesting to listen to on the stage. And also a cool afterparty by The Sandbox Game. 


Medical Equipment On The Frontline

One more car is full of medical equipment, ready to go to the front line. We help “pointwise,” those who need help here and now, people we have known since peacetime. They ask for help – we provide!
Glory to Ukraine!

Helping To The Volunteers In Dangerous Environments

There was a request from our friends who were on the frontline. The places where the russian troops came out these places are under constant artillery fire.

Don’t Forget To Help Children

Another package goes towards Kharkiv. Hometown of our CEO!
A lot of children can’t be evacuated. These sweets are going to these children to help a bit. And can’t be evacuated from the city.
And also, the iPads will go to soldiers. To take control of drones by engaging in surveillance. And artillery guidance to accurately strike at enemy troops and equipment.
Where to put all this russian metal, then? (далее…)

Helping Territorial Defense

E-winGames buy a lot of equipment not just for soldiers and medics but for territorial defense too! If you don’t know, then not only soldiers but also many man volunteers took up arms and protected our country. These helmets, body armor, and backpacks are going to the dangerous parts of our country!

All Ukrainians and all democratic worlds united against a common enemy. (далее…)

Helping With Food On The front line

We try to help with everything and everywhere we can!

Here – 100kg of fresh meat to the front field kitchens and a supply of ready-made food. They are done by Ukrainian grannies who also try to help. So our defenders will eat not just military dry rations but real homemade and fresh food! 

We all united for one goal. Defend our country and all Europe countries from a bloody dictator that gives just death! (далее…)

Protective Equipment For Doctors

We continue to provide medical assistance. We try to help everyone who needs it. These boxes came from the Czech Republic in boxes of much protective equipment for doctors and various things that will come in handy at work! This will help our doctors heroically save the lives of all civilians, volunteers, and soldiers every day! (далее…)

Help For The Hospitals And Doctors

Our team not only assists UA citizens and the army. We also try to help on another front, to the city hospitals, doctors, and all medical who are now involved in saving lives. This medical equipment arrived from the Czech Republic. And will allow our surgeons to continue keeping people’s lives every day! (далее…)

Humanitarian Help

Our E-winGames team has provided humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian citizens from the first days of the war. And now, we also find an opportunity to strengthen the country’s army with bulletproof vests. These bulletproof vests will help to stay alive. Our defender on the front lines heroically defends our country from russian invasion. And we help them with everything there need! All Ukrainians united against a common enemy. Glory to Ukraine! (далее…)


On Feb. 18th, 2022, our company celebrated its first anniversary. A year had passed since the moment we gathered, and it was fast. We never stopped building.


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