Old 80’s is a collection of NFT polaroids from the 80’s with enjoyable lore, authentic style, and unique look. We focused on fashion, tastes and things from the 80s, as well as created a cartoon series about the collection's character to immerse you in his story. Each NFT is unique and software-generated from over 350 possible attributes in 17 categories. In addition, specific attributes are less common, increasing the rarity of NFTs.

The distribution of tokens is absolutely fair. No one, including our team, knows who gets what. Options for fraud or insider information abuse are excluded.

The smart contract audit from TOP-1 blockchain audit company CertiK can be checked here: https://www.certik.com/projects/old-80s

One of our main goals is to study utility matters. So we include numerous exciting things into the project's roadmap. And, of course, benefits for the Old 80's holders in our blockchain games as the primary utility option.

Contact Us info@ewingames.io