We are an international team of specialists in different fields. Ewin Games not only provides jobs but also cares about each employee.
Our team includes game designers, artists, animators, blockchain developers, managers, and specialists in many other fields.
Aliaksandr Sazonenka Co-Founder & CVO
I have studied programming since childhood. At that time, it was the most promising direction. In 2013 I became a certified programmer and worked in an IT company for 5 years.
With the advent of cryptocurrencies, I realized that it would become my life's work. I started by participating in sales, then setting up nodes and writing ERC20 smart contracts.

NFTs just blew my brain. I realized that this would be our future. I studied the market for a long time, collected NFTs, and participated in many game projects related to NFT.

Soon I met Yevhen and we spent hours discussing the prospects of blockchain, NFT, gaming, and the cryptocurrency market in general. Once, we decided to gather professionals and enthusiasts around us to create our own company. I continue to develop tirelessly in the NFT field and want to make the best products on the market. Nothing is impossible - is my life motto.
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