We are an international team of specialists in different fields. Ewin Games not only provides jobs but also cares about each employee.
Our team includes game designers, artists, animators, blockchain developers, managers, and specialists in many other fields.
Andrii Venher Motion design
Creating motion design is my passion. I love to bring life into static images and make everything move.

For the past 5 years, I’ve applied myself across various roles, from solo directing to working within direction teams. I generally work as a Motion Designer and Animator, undertaking multiple production roles of Project Lead, concept/storyboarding, design/style framing, Illustration, and animation.

As a designer and animator, I strive to be a problem solver and storyteller. I love the sense of surprise and delight evoked by animation and motion graphics. I believe design and motion graphics help people understand complex information better. They also guide users through experience and enhance the way we view, interact and play with our world.
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