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Our team includes game designers, artists, animators, blockchain developers, managers, and specialists in many other fields.
Yevhenii Polishchuk 2D Artist/Technical artist
Since childhood, I have been fond of fine arts, which eventually became my profession. Art School gave me my basic knowledge, which I have been applying to this day. Later in 2005, I studied Graphic Design. I was lucky to have excellent mentors who always encouraged us to experiment visually. It gave me the confidence to always try new things and not be afraid of mistakes. I also had the experience of studying icon painting at the Academy, which gave me a proper understanding of my development. I chose digital art and technology, which provides me with a field for experiments and in the spirit of the modern world. For some time, I worked in the gaming industry as a 2D Artist with varying success, changing many companies. I also designed exhibition stands and photo zones and tried my hand at scenography. But because my income was not stable, I returned to the gaming industry.

Here I still get great pleasure from the process and the people I work with. I'm charged with creative solutions together with the team.

Outside the company, I like new acquaintances and engaging communication.
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